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Our Products - Paper Machine

Stickies Control Program

The reduce stickies deposition, improve sheet cleanliness and improved machine runnability.  Cubane speciality chemicals solution provides reduction/Elimination of holes & Breaks arising from Stickies issues, Reduced Machine down time for Felts/Dryer screen cleaning, Improved production and productivity, Substantial reduction in rewinder cuts and joints, Substantial reduction of Dryer screen and Dryer cans deposition, Improved paper quality, paper appearance and cleanliness.

Fluff Control Program

Linting can be associated with either low initial surface strength of the paper or its loss due to water absorption. Therefore, applied chemical treatments attempt to increase initial surface strength, reduce water penetration, or decrease surface strength loss on wetting. Cubane programs provide Improved Sheet integrity, Reduced Fluff/Dust/Lint, Increased surface smoothness, reduced fibre fragment formation or detachment.

Biocide (Slime Control) Program

A microbiological deposit control program is designed to control microbiological growth which otherwise leads to deposition and results in subsequent production and quality problems. This type of program often contains more than one micro-biocide fed to multiple feed points, accompanied by a systematic boil outs and wash-ups of the machine and “good housekeeping” through  eliminating areas of stagnation. Cubane programs help the mills to keep the systems and paper machine head box cleaner, to produce paper without slimy holes and help to improve machine runnability by treating the anaerobic and the aerobic bacteria in the stock flow system prior to enter to the head box.

Programs include micro biocides for fresh water treatment, aerobic bacteria control, anaerobic bacteria control, fungicides, odour control programs and additive preservatives.

Boil out Chemicals

The objective of a Boil out program is to bring back paper machine to its original, clean condition, so that it can produce target specification paper at targeted production rates. Dirty machines have a much higher amount of debris slough off and they can become part of the sheet, leading to sheet appearance problems, coating streaks, sheet breaks etc.

Programs that can be provided include paper machine boil out, pulp mill boil out, color kitchen boil out, bubble up cleaners etc.


Entrained air which induces foam in the papermaking system can cause production, quality, and housekeeping problems. Foam is entrapped air or carbon dioxide which is stabilized by surfactants and or by fines and fillers. Foam can be caused by mechanical means such as excessive agitation, cascading, or air introduction through agitation, cascading, or air introduction through pumps. Foam on the wire can result in foam spots and pinholes in the sheet.

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol DF 4158 & series
  • CuSol DF 4175 & series
  • CuSol DF 4637 & series

Retention and Drainage Program

Improves fibre and ash retention, drainage, reduces backwater consistencies and formation. Fillers and fines suspended in water carry an electric charge. In most cases their charge is negative, so particles tend to repel each other and stay discrete. These particles are small enough to pass through the wire. To retain these fillers and fines in the sheet, Cubane adapt Coagulation technique to reduce repellent forces between particles, Flocculation to combine or form a “bridge” between the neutralized particles to produce discrete agglomerates and Filtration to trap the agglomerated particles in the forming section.

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol PL 1212 & series
  • CuSol PL 1454 & series
  • CuSol PL 1624 & series
  • CuSol PL 1865 & series

Wire Passivation to Eliminate Stickies Deposition

Stickies enter the system through waste paper. Broke have the tendency to deposit on forming fabric /dryer cylinder through the interaction of contaminants with themselves or with chemicals additives. These contaminants are hot melts in nature and are very tacky.

Our passivation programs help the mills to eliminate pitch, ink, adhesives and other stickies deposits from paper machine wires, reduction in machine downtime associated with wire cleaning and solvent wash ups, improvement in sheet quality through a reduction in the frequency and quantity of holes, light spots and other sheet defects. This in turn improves the machine runnability increases mill production.

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol DC 7517 & series

Vacuum Pumps online Scale Control Program

Need for treating vacuum pump water:

  • Scale build up can lead to pump seizure and unscheduled paper machine shutdowns
  • Scaling and fouling decrease seal water flow thereby reducing vacuum levels which could slower the paper machine
  • Corrosion and erosion will shorten the life of theses expensive capital items, vacuum pumps are notorious energy hogs
  • Eliminates need for acid cleaning of pump. These are expensive and dangerous, require machine shut down, and can seriously corrode pumps and pipes
Program Benefits: Helps prevent scale deposition in liquid ring vacuum pumps, functions effectively in seal waters where calcium loading is especially high and provides savings in scale related maintenance and down time.

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol DC 7010 & series

Centre roll release program

Treatment in pickup roll is recommended for controlling/inhibiting the chocking problem of the roll to target following objectives:

  • Even moisture profile
  • Even Vacuum throughout the roll
  • Proper release
  • Extending the Suction pickup roll life
  • Improved machine runnability and improved uptime of the machine

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol DC 7547 & series

On-Line Felt Conditioning and Cleaning Program

Cubane’s felt conditioning and cleaning programs can increase the mill’s profitability by extending felt life and improving performance over the life of the felt.

Chemical cleaning and conditioning is becoming more prominent as mills place higher demands on their press sections by increasing machine speeds and including more recycled fiber in the furnish. Recycle of both; paper and process water results in increased levels of potential felt filling materials.

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol FC 7886 & series
  • CuSol CL 7291 & series

Dryer Fabric Cleaning Program

Cubane program help the mills to maintain fabric’s original permeability, reduction in downtime and labour cost involved in changing the fabric, improved heat transfer rate and enhancement of sheet quality and also help the mills to keep the surface of the dryer-can free from contamination.

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol CL 7298 & series

Catalase enzyme control in Deinking Plant

When the deinking plant is rich in catalyze enzyme activity, it leads to decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide and hence the mills cannot achieve the desired brightness levels.  When the hydrogen peroxide is made ineffective, it leads to higher yellowness of paper, drop in Brightness of paper and whole back water loop in the deinking plant turns yellow in color.

Adverse effects of catalyze Break out:

  • Drop in Brightness of the pulp, Increase in paper yellowness, Increase in yellowness of back water used in deinking plant, Higher consumption of Hydrogen peroxide to obtain the desired level of bleaching and brightness, System contamination
  • Leads to situations for using costly furnish to obtain the targeted brightness as hydrogen peroxide just would not work if there is a catalyze outbreak and Increased level of OBA requirement

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol MB 6668 & series

Sludge dewatering

Sludge Dewatering Program with Cubane chemicals is recommended to improve the sludge compactness and to improve the dryness of the sludge recovered

Products of Preference:

  • CuSol PL 1624 & series
  • CuSol PL 1454 & series